Friday, 27 August 2010

My Bikes

These are my 2 bikes. My road bike is a Condor frame which I bought back in the early 1980's, nothing fancy good old steel. When I got her she was metallic blue, but after a major coming together with a car I had her resprayed pink, hence her nickname 'The Pink Panther". I rebuilt her again after a second accident and kitted her out with a Campagnolo chainset and changers. I have a lovely old Brookes Saddle which after about 20 years is just about broken in. I also built the back wheel from scratch, or rather a rim and a pack of spokes! That was fun and a sort of personal challenge at the time. I love riding this bike and have done many thousands of miles on her over the years which is why I have never thought seriously about changing it.

My other bike is this Carbon framed Claude Butler which I bought just after we moved here. It's a lovely bike to ride but is slight over kill for the area where we live. The opportunity for off road riding is very limited around here and being East Anglia there aren't many mountains! The only bridle track near here is about a mile long and ends at a fence. I actually pay one of the local farmers to be allowed to cycle on some of his farm tracks but again this is limited.

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